william oliver's pub

William Oliver's
Fort Collins

2608 S. Timberline Road
Fort Collins, CO 80525

The Fort Collins pub

The Fort Collins pub is the original location, opened in 2013, and located in the King Soopers shopping center on Timberline and Drake. Our south-facing patio provides great outdoor seating year round. If you have a group of around 6-8, consider grabbing the Snug on your next visit. The Snug is a semi-private room that is great for business meetings or playing on our nintendo system (the snug is first come first-served).

We also have a dart board with steel tip darts available from the bar. The Fort Collins pub started with just the “bar side.” The kitchen, if you could call it that, was behind the bar. Our owner, Ryan, would come in early to cook one hot item from scratch for lunch (when it was gone, it was gone). The original idea to have hot dogs on the menu came from Ryan being too tired by Friday and wanting to sleep-in. He would grab hot dogs from the supermarket and put them in a soup warmer. If a guest ordered a hot dog back then, they got a free beer. We expanded the location after our first year, adding a proper kitchen space, and a full menu.